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Female. Italy.



"Ancien couvent des Carmes Déchaux - 70, rue de Vaugirard", Paris (VIème arr.), 1914.

© Eugène Atget / Musée Carnavalet / Roger-Viollet


Parmigianino, Madonna with the Long Neck, begun 1534 (died in 1540 before completion)

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Elizabeth Taylor: Do you wear much jewllery?
Katharine Hepburn: Are you a loud person?
Ava Gardner: Do others consider you beautiful?
Carole Lombard: Do you have a good sense of humour?
Bette Davis: Do you smoke?
Rita Hayworth: What colour is your hair naturally?
Judy Garland: Are you a good singer?
Lillian Gish: Do you have any siblings?
Greta Garbo: Do you like being in the company of others?
Joan Crawford: Do you have freckles?
Marilyn Monroe: What are you insecure about?
Audrey Hepburn: Do you support any charities?
Ginger Rogers: Can you dance?
Ingrid Bergman: Where were you born?
Mary Pickford: How old do people think you look?
Vivien Leigh: Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Marlene Dietrich: Is English your first language?
Barbara Stanwyck: Can you hide your emotions well?
Grace Kelly: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Shirley Temple: What were you like as a child?
Lauren Bacall: Do you smoke?
Sophia Loren: Are you a good cook?
Mae West: Do you have a dirty mind?
Claudette Colbert: Are you well-mannered?


Tammam Azzam, Freedom Graffiti: Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (2013), limited-edition archival digital print on cotton paper, 112 x 112 cm, from the Syrian Museum series. Via No Paleio.